Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Unknown

As I stare out my window at the CN tower a lot of things enter my mind. I realize that life is a book and my life goal is to read every single page. My life on my old boat Artemo was one chapter and before that another. This year in Toronto was a whole chapter. Although some may call one year a short amount of time too be a chapter so much has happened too fill those pages. 

I started a new school with new friends, got a puppy, I turned 13, both my aunt and uncle got married, we bought a new boat and sososo much more.  As soon as the plane to France takes off the chapter called "our new life in Toronto" ends and the new chapter "our new life on Salty Ginger" begins.  Even though I will come back to this lovely place that Toronto is, it will never be the same. After experiencing what we will have experienced is will have changed our personality a bit and most defiantly our out look on life. Our friends will have changed too. You may think that in a year your relationship with your friends doesn't change but really when your all in different places experiencing different  things that shape you to who you are you change a lot.  

As I stare out this window at this massive skyscraper piercing up into the sky's of my home, the massive size of the journey we are about to embark on hits me like a fist to the gut and I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I feel every different kind of emotion there is. Scared, happy, excited, anxious, stressed, sad and maybe even a bit of jealousy for those who get to experience the first bit of high school.  

I realize that I love this feeling! Its the feeling of the unknown. The unknown is what makes people do what they do. Try new things and experience life. Life is a wonderful thing and all you have to do is go out there and live it.


  1. Love your writing Millie. Looking forward to following along on your travels. Can't wait to see some photos.

    1. Ya! Thankyou! Ive been so busy that I havent had time to upload some off my camera:)

  2. Well said! I am right there with you. I am so excited to get to do this all with you! Here we come France!

  3. Well written Millie, I look forward to following you guys. I told a couple of old work friends about you (Gloria and Fred), and they may be following you too, as they are avid sailors. Good luck!

  4. Hey Millie, GReat writing! James saw this and said you wright really well. we are all excited to hear about your adventures and a little sad we won't be a pert of them , but on to our next chapter! I shared this link on my FB . I hope thats OK? It occurred to me that you could get a lot of traffic to your site by posting a link on the Sailnet cruising with kids forum and the other big sailing site . I forget the name, but there are always kids and parents looking for info...... Then you can start charging for advertising space and get rich .....Then take over the world mmmwwwhahahahahahahahhaahaha.
    Capn Kevin , the Admiral and the squirells
    Crew of Solange IV firmly aground.

  5. Excellent blog :)

    Aunt Chant