Monday, September 10, 2012

First Blog!


Well this is my life! I travel place to place with my family on a sail boat (usually). When I was 10 we left on our first trip to sail around the world.  We took a plane to Antigua got on a boat and over three years made our way to New Zealand. Meeting many people who touched my family and my life along the way.

After that long time crammed on a boat with my brother, mom and dad we...well lets just say we were ready to get back to our house and go to school instead of being home schooled. We went home got a dog, settled down and I finished my grade 8 year while my brother finished his 10th. By the end of the year all of us were itching to get back on the water and see more of the world. So we all sat down and discussed this. In our family it's either all in or all out. Luckily after a week of mulling it over everyone was in with the plan. We bought a boat, packed up our stuff and well....guess what?

We leave to Europe in less than a week!!!! Our brand new boat is waiting for us in Les Sables, France! We are going for six months to tour Spain, Portugal and France. Then we will sail across the Atlantic to Antigua! Man I'm getting excited!!!!!

Till next time:)

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