Sunday, September 16, 2012

12 duffle bags

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine all four of us with our four massive duffle bags and 8 medium sized ones pilled high on two trolleys. We had just gotten off the airplane in Paris and were now fairly confused about what to do next. I dont know why but I don't think that the fact that everyone spoke french in Paris really sank in until we got off the plane. So here we are rushing throughout the airport following dad because he seemingly knew what to do. We finally hit a point where the 2 carts holding are 12 duffle bags cant go any further and we have to carry them all the way to this jam-packed shuttle train that will take us to the next terminal. Keep in mind that all of has have maybe slept two hours that day and it may be day time in france but in Toronto it sure as hell wasn't. We finally make it too the car rental place and everything feels like its falling into place. We are driving away from the airport and life is good until we see a exit saying exactly where we want to go drifting into the distance. The next thing you know we are stuck in the middle of downtown paris rush hour traffic. oh god. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was mom asking a weird french man in a hippie van for directions. When I woke up we were no where near paris and somewhere in the french country side. Everyone was calm and happy(thank god). We finally made it to Les Sables got on the boat and oh my fricking god it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! We went out for dinner tonight and had crepes,muscles,fries and creme boule. We came back home watched and episode of chuck and went to sleep. Its like we never left. I got up very early in the morning this morning and watched as the sun came up over the horizon. It was the perfect sunrise for the start of a perfect day. 


  1. I couldn't imagine having two carts full of luggage in an airport. That alone seems exhausting. Lucky you got to have a sleep. I can only imagine the stress your parents must have felt. Glad that you have all arrived on the boat safely. That sunset is gorgeous. It sounds like you have arrived home. When is your departure set for?

  2. Great blog Millird! Isn't being a kid great? I like the fact that you can just go to sleep and let your parents worry about traffic :) I am jealous about your meals. They sound so good. Glad the boat is what you wanted. Poor Artemo - you guys have forgotten about that ol' boat already.

  3. Sounds like the adventure is starting off with a bang. Good Blog. Looking forward to more
    Grampa G and Nana C

  4. You're so lucky you could sleep through that car ride Amelia! I could hear your parents as I read your blog. Excellent writing!

  5. France sounded amazing! I am beyond jealous!!

    -Aunt chant