Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fantastic day

Ok ok I know. It's been to long since I've written a blog but really there was nothing to report till the last couple days. Last night at about 7:00 we were hit by a big storm apparently....well all I know was that I was told to put the electronics in the oven and sit down for the bumpy ride. For some reason they thought it was was actually quite calm downstairs and Alex and I were watching Family Guy and doing school all night while every five minutes we would see the hatch open and mom or dad yell downstairs "BE CAREFUL BE VERY CAREFUL WE MIGHT GET KNOCKED DOWN." To be honest I would have thought it was nice out there if it wasn't for that.

I was woken this morning at seven to Alex telling me it was time for my shift since mom and dad were up all night. I was expecting torrential rain and lightning after the yelling that occurred throughout the night but when I poked my head up the hatch it was gorgeous outside, so glad I was up for the sunrise. After my shift till 10:00 I went downstairs and made some pan cakies for the family with this really odd pancake mix. The pancakes ended up tasting like ice cream but I'm not complaining.

Throughout the day buns were made and naps were had. We noticed two boats around us and even had a friendly chat with one of them on the radio. As we sat in the boiling heat going 0.1 knot while dad turned off the engine to fill up with fuel we thought why the hell aren't we swimming?? So with that we all got our bathing suits on and took turns swinging on the ladder while the water rushed by us. Fourteen and I've already will have crossed two oceans and had a mid ocean swim in each!

Alex and I went up on deck and laid in the tropical sun while dad had his naked shower without telling us. Believe me I'm pretty sure Alex and I will never look back there when dad is having a shower again! The odd part was that mom was scrubbing his back...yikes. For dinner we had bean burritos and cinnamon buns and I think tonight it will be an in cockpit movie night involving m and m's and popcorn!! All and all a fantastic day.


  1. So funny!

    -sarah s

  2. Great blog Amelia!

    Are you sure there really was a storm? Maybe mom and dad just wanted some alone time lol :) swimming in the middle of the ocean sounds very cool. I was 22 when I swam in an ocean for the first time, so you're definitely making good progress at 14!!! So cool!

    Hope school is going well!

    Love you & keep the blogs coming!

    Sham-Wow and J-Man

  3. I hope you will get eaten by a shark while swimming. P.S. sharks like people with no souls.

    :) ;)

  4. Loved your blog, you are both so lucky to be experiencing the wonders of our world. Enjoy every moment and keep writing about it.

  5. I can't believe your mom washed his back...gross!!!