Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bloody Cockpit

Well we finally caught a fish 20 days may be sensing I'm not happy about this but I don't think you would be if you were me.

I was in the cockpit with Dad listening to music when suddenly Dad said, "FISH!" Everyone rushed upstairs and I grabbed my camera as everyone gathered around Alex to watched the fish thrash through the water trying to escape its inevitable death. It was going to die, there was no question about it.

Dad attached the gaf to a rope and lowered it down to the water to seize the green and yellow mahi mahi, so full of life. You just knew it wouldn't go out without a fight. With that note the fish suddenly sprang free of the gaf and landed with a smack at moms feet. With a scream mom yanked her feet up while Alex tried to gain control of the fish with the fish hook still in its mouth. Then it wasn't in its mouth and with every wave the fish flopped from one side of the cockpit to the next. Then Alex screamed over my laughter, "just get a winch handle and smack it!!!!!" So mom passed dad the winch handle and with five brutal smacks to the head and blood all over the cockpit the tool was passed back to me...well bloody.

The bright florescent green and yellow fish turned to blue and black and that was the end of him. We all starred in silence until Dad said, "Well I can't wait for some mahi bites!" And so we were left with a dead fish and a kind of sick to the stomach feeling but you know at least we will have many bites.


  1. That will be a fish you'll never forget :)

  2. pretty brutal. do you wish you were a vegetarian again?

  3. When are you coming back?

  4. Your blog is hilarious. It makes me eager to go cruising again.