Friday, April 3, 2015

Hot Damn!

Okay my blogs are very few and far between but when there's something worth writing about I will write!

Have you ever just been somewhere in life (literally or emotionally) where everything feels right? Where everything you are usually worried about kind of just slips away for a little while?

Well as soon as we pulled up into Dominica this feeling just struck me. We tied off to a mooring ball outside of the town of Roseau and I sat in awe. The island seems straight out of an adventure catalogue. It seems as if you could be lost in the jungle in 5 minutes if you just walked off the beaten track which is pretty true.

We decided that we needed to adventure so the next day we headed off in the dingy to the big city (actually a fairly small town). We were soon greeted by friendly locals just being friendly. This is new for us because on other islands the locals are often looking for a way to take your money. It was like the land of miracles. We looked around the town for a bit, cleared in and then headed back to the boat where we planned to just spend the day relaxing.

Well relaxing we did, but once we all got bored we decided to go for a snorkel at this place called Champagne Reef. It's called that because of the way the water bubbles up through the coral because of volcanic activity. The reef was beautiful and fairly untouched which is always a sight for sore eyes after seeing some of the reefs on the opposite end of the spectrum.

We all started to swim back to the dinghy when we heard these weird high pitched squeals under the water. Immediately we thought DOLPHINS and lifted our heads from the water just in time to see their fins streaming through the water. With our adrenaline pumping and excitement building we jumped in the dinghy to go find them. A little ways off shore they were surrounding us and Alex had the bright idea of jumping in too swim with them. Me being nervous of swimming in the middle of nowhere thought, "Well screw it. When am I going to be able to swim with dolphins in the wild ever again?" So I hopped in right after him and hot damn...They swam underneath us and around us making their friendly little noises. They are such happy creatures. It was one of those moments where you can't believe your eyes.

Once they had moved on I just couldn't stop thinking about it and thinking of how different and tainted that experience would have been if we had swam with them in captivity. It really puts into perspective how ludicrous it is to capture dolphins, put them into a tank and exploit their natural beauty for our pleasure.

The boat life has its ups and downs and lately I've been feeling like I want to be home but this just made it all seem worth it. Being away from my friends, my boyfriend and my family seems crazy sometimes but being at home it's hard to have experiences like this. At this moment I am happy I'm here :).


  1. What an experience you had and that I got to have through your eyes. Thank you so much for writing this. Yes dolphins are amazing creatures and should never be put in cages. Enjoy these moments you will have them forever to look back on.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a truly amazing and special experience!! It sounds like a beautiful place!
    Happy to hear that all of these great places you're visiting and wonderful experiences you're having are starting to make it worth the sacrifice of leaving your friends and family for a bit.
    Love ya :)

  3. Miss ya Millie, what a great adventure, when the imagined meets the real it is totally wonderful!

  4. Amelia: Did you notice the Rotary shirt the DJ was wearing when you were at the radio station?

  5. Amelia: Did you notice the Rotary shirt the DJ was wearing when you were at the radio station?